Our customers come from all levels of motorsport, and some from outside of motorsport.

From young drivers keen to learn how to improve their profile and present better to sponsors, to established series wanting to promote their competitors and profile we cover them all and deliver a product beyond expectations.

Thank you for stopping by Turn 7 Media. We are an Australian Media Production house with our main client base situated in the Australian Motorsport scene. Many of our team members and trusted contractors all come from an Australian motorsport background wether it be as a passionate fan, a driver, mechanic or other.

Our team has also worked in Australian Motorsport media from grassroots motorsport level through to top end international events both in Australia and overseas.


We work with up and coming drivers and small hospitality venues through to state level championships, national motorsport organisations and multi-national companies on simple videos through to full management of all media aspects.

We have also worked with local sporting teams and leagues to help improve the quality of their media which in turn has resulted in more mainstream publication of information about the team/league.

In addition to our client work, we also created, launched and continue to run the Behind the Sport website and podcast which we aim at the grassroots side of motorsport, with news of the V8 Supercars and Formula 1 thrown in to bring attention to the grassroots aspects of motorsport.

We are also working on developing the Australian Motorsport network of sites which will be utilised to help promote our clients in the Australian Motorsport sector and grassroots creators.